Armin Shaverdian, PT, DPT

Armin Shaverdian, PT, DPT


“I founded Lifespan knowing that what we do for our clients, our therapists, and the patients results in lives being changed for the better., That makes what I do at Lifespan most rewarding”.

Since 2008, Armin has served as CEO for Lifespan. Armin has been instrumental in conceptualizing and strategic planning, including identifying expansion into new markets and staff development.  His vision has lead Lifespan as one of the top staffing companies in the home health niche in southern California region.

As a clinician himself, he utilizes his extensive field expertise to provide an environment that is of the utmost quality for clinicians and agencies alike.  

In his off time, Armin enjoys exercising, traveling, and spending time with his wife and two sons.

Stephanie Rodriguez

Scheduling Supervisor

About Stephanie

“Patients that are homebound have a necessity for our therapists. It has made me feel wonderful being able to help patients get the treatment that they need.”

Stephanie plays a vital role in connecting patients with Lifespan therapists. As Scheduling Supervisor, she has one-on-one contact with patients and therapists to schedule times that work for both parties and ensure optimal care. She ensures all Lifespan patients get personalized therapy, meeting any and all needs or special requests.

Part of Stephanie’s passion for all things physical comes from a love for sports, particularly soccer and tennis.

Monica Popenhagen

Intake Manager

About Monica

“I love working for a company that strives to be the best in customer service. Our clients deserve the very best, and I truly believe Lifespan offers that.” 

Monica brings her years of office management experience to Lifespan to keep the office and operations running smoothly. As Intake Manager, Monica is vital part of the Lifespan team—training and standardizing our Intake process, helping with staffing, and interacting with the patients and agencies to help meet their immediate needs.

In her off time, Monica enjoys hiking, swimming, and reading.

Hammad Ashraf

Document Transcription Assistant

About Hammad



Justine Grepo

Document Specialist

About Justine
“What I love most about working at Lifespan is the opportunity to work with other health agencies in ensuring patients receive quality care. It’s always been important to me to know that I made a difference in someone’s life.”

As Lifespan’s office assistant, Rahelle does much more that order supplies. On a daily basis she ensures that Start of Care notes, standard progress notes, reassessment notes and discharge Oasis notes have been reviewed, uploaded and submitted to selected agencies’ health care computers for their own viewing and tenancy. Interacting with both agencies and patients, she also works to keep medical records updated at all times. It is a vital part to facilitating the exceptional customer service Lifespan provides to our valued partners and patients.

When she is not at work helping to change lives, Rachelle loves the arts and enjoys reading, music, movies and spending time with family and friends.

Elexis Rupp

Operations Manager

About Elexis
“I love knowing that I can work hard and it will significantly improve the lives of people who are suffering and unable to help themselves.” 

Elexis oversees the operations at Lifespan including quality assurance departments, document processing, and intake management.

When not working, Elexis enjoys movies, the beach, spending time with family, and traveling.

Lorealle Ordinario

Accounting Manager

About Lorealle-Jae
“I am glad to be a part of a company that provides therapy services with great care. I may not work directly with the patients but it’s always rewarding to hear feedback that our therapists are doing a great job.”

Lorealle-Jade works indirectly with our homebound patients to coordinate scheduling home visits that are convenient to both our patients and therapists. Other vital duties include reviewing and processing incoming patient documents and ensures they are received by the many home health agencies Lifespan works with.

For Lorealle-Jade, the work she does is personal. A few years back her grandmother was homebound and needed help, so for Lorealle-Jade working at Lifespan feels like she has come full circle.

When not working, Lorealle-Jade is a competitive runner, she has a few half marathons chalked up and she is training for her first full marathon. When she not out and about, she enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends.

Megan McDonald

Business Development Manager

About Megan
Education: BA in Communication Studies, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
Experience: Mostly all of my work experience comes from working in the hospitality field. Interacting with people on a daily basis making sure that the customer/client/patient receives the best possible treatment.
Skills/Languages: A skilled communicator, trainer, mentor, and problem solver 🙂
Fun/Hobbies: Traveling, eating delicious food, attending concerts, spending time with family and friends.

Winzy Goco

Document Transcription Assistant

About Winzy


Mae Gonzales

Business Development Assistant

About Mae
Working with Lifespan feels like working with family. You can see everyone respects everyone. It has an open door policy that you can talk to anyone regardless of their position. I am so glad to be part of this company.

I am a Business Development Assistant, I am in charge of taking care of new and old clients. Doing pre contract, post contract and  reconnecting our relationship with our clients.

I love to travel, watching movies, Netlfix and eating! Coffee is life!

Lourdes Angkico

DME & Scheduling Assistant

About Lou

Lourdes Angkico is an administrative Assistant at Lifespan.

Lourdes processes and monitors durable medical equipment orders.

She prides herself on providing compassionate customer service, she feels accomplished knowing she has made a difference in someone life everyday.

During her free time she enjoys time with her dogs (as well as managing their instagram accounts!), reading books, making DIY projects and having coffee with friends.

Zubair Khalil

Quality Assurance Assistant

About Zubair
Zubair Khalil is a quality assurance Assistant at Lifespan.  Zubair has been working in data tracking, and quality assurance for 2 years.  He has a keen eye for quality assurance and clarifying any issues that arise.

During his free time he likes to work on computers and be a breast of the latest technologies available.

Matthew Hannam

 Accounting Assistant

About Matthew
I like the fun, up-beat energy of the office and my co-workers. I also really enjoy contributing towards getting help to people in need. I’m happy to be part of such a great team who’s main focus is helping others.

For fun/hobbies outside of work – Hiking, Reading up on Philosophy and Modern Science, Going to concerts and Attending group mediations.

Chonté Garcia

 HR Coordinator

About Chonté
What I love about working here is … well… everything! The office staff are kind and helpful, and the whole mission of Lifespan to have clinicians help others in their home who need our services is something I believe in – Helping Others to promote a better and healthier lifestyle. Everyone in the office works as a team, and all departments intertwine with one another, so everything is able to flow smoothly to ensure clinicians are able to see patients with ease. I love being a part of that essential process.

I am the Human Resources Coordinator. I work with clinicians beginning to work with our company, as well as ensuring credentials of current clinicians are up-to-date. I strive to establish a positive relationship with the therapists regarding anything to do with Human Resources, and to ensure they are happy working with our company. I also work with agencies if they have any requests regarding the clinicians, such as asking for credentials so they may see a patient, whom I also establish positive relations with and address requests in a timely manner.

I love arts and crafts, watching movies, and playing pool. Shopping is also a hobby of mine that is a love-hate relationship.

Katy Ford

QA Supervisor

About Katy

I enjoy working for Lifespan knowing that my work is essential in getting our patients the care that they need. My job is very fulfilling because I know that it effects the livelihood of our clients.

Katy supervises the QA team and provides clinicians with chart education, so our clinicians can focus on giving care to their patients.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, playing frisbee, and exploring San Diego for great restaurants and new sites to see.

Inri Canlas

Document Processing Assistant 

About Inri
What I like about working for Lifespan – it’s fun and interesting!

For fun/hobbies outside of work – watching sports and movies

Michaela George

Training Supervisor

About Michaela
What I like most about working for Lifespan is being part of a team with a common goal of improving the lives of others on a daily basis.

Scheduling Coordinator

During my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, and being outdoors.

Muhammad Waqas Khan

Referrals Coordinator

About Muhammad
What I like about working for Lifespan is contributing towards ACTUALLY making a difference in people’s lives, in the most essential way possible: helping them to heal and live healthy!

My role at Lifespan is generating referrals in database, and ensuring that every important bit of information about our patient’s needs has been noted.

For fun/hobbies outside of work – Reading, online gaming, friends, family, and soulful music (in any order!)

Pearlyn Canlas

Scheduling Coordinator

About Pearlyn


Marie Ladines

Scheduling Coordinator

About Marie


Natasha Gonzalez

 Scheduling Coordinator

About Natasha


Maria Cacananta

Document Transcription Assistant

About Maria


Suzanne Guinatang

Scheduling Coordinator

About Suzanne


Angela Fajardo

Business Development Associate

About Angela


Joy David

Insurance Authorization Processor

About Joy


Alex Soto

Scheduling Coordinator

About Alex
I enjoy working for Lifespan knowing that we can provide an excellent quality of care to home health patients

At Lifespan I take on the roll as a Scheduling/Intake coordinator. I ensure that patients are scheduled with the therapists in a timely efficient manner. I assist in office emails, discipline staffing and calling patients to schedule appointments.

Whenever I’m not working I’m either at home sleeping or out hiking and going to the beach.

Raymond Balletta

Document Transcription Assistant

About Raymond


Mark Galzote

Accounting Assistant

About Mark


Mia Gantan

Medicare Approvals Processor

About Mia


Bryan Galzote

Document Transcription Assistant

About Bryan


Jonnalyn Moster

Document Processing Assistant

About Jonnalyn