If you’re one of the many clients or clinicians who have worked with Lifespan for years, you likely simply know us as “Lifespan.”

But since the company’s inception in 2008, we have formally been known as “Lifespan Physical Therapy Services, P.C.” After much thought, Armin Shaverdian, the CEO of Lifespan, has decided to take the leap and better reflect our mission as a company. Henceforth, we are “Lifespan Physiotherapy Staffing, Inc.”

Lifespan Physiotherapy Staffing, Inc. is committed to staffing clinicians of a variety of genders, languages, skillsets, disciplines, and ethnicities to patients throughout Southern California. We understand that agencies are attempting to treat a wide array of patients with a limited selection of full-time clinicians on their team. In the end, this serves to delay care and doesn’t present the patient with the service they deserve.

Lifespan Physiotherapy Staffing’s mission statement is still the same. We are committed to providing services to patients of all ages, all needs, and all demographics. No matter where your patients are located in San Diego, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, or Los Angeles counties (with more to come!) we will get them seen by the best clinician for the job!

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