With all Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and, of course, Physical Therapists submitting DC OASIS and Transfer OASIS documentation, Lifespan’s Quality Assurance department ensures agencies are not being docked by improper answers to M1041 for each flu season.

Each October 1st until March 31st M1041 is marked as ‘yes’ to ensure that the elderly patients often seen in a Home Health setting, and most severely affected by influenza, are having everything possible done to keep them healthy.  This is not just a date, however, it is a reminder of the impact that the flu can have on already weakened or compromised immune systems.

Home health care goes beyond simply providing exercises and ensuring wound care – it should be a multi-pronged approach.  Encouraging patients, when able, to visit the clinic or receive a flu shot can allow them to achieve improved outcomes and avoid hospitalizations during their plan of care.

We may just be seen as a healthcare or physical therapy staffing company, but Lifespan Physical Therapy sees itself also as a catalyst for A+ healthcare in the community.  Our unique position as not only ‘per diem clinicians’, but also an office full of medically trained admins, allows us to back up the overworked Home Health Agency staff.

How are you utilizing the CDC and Medicare guidelines to focus in on the flu this season?

2018-2019 Influenza (Flu) Resources for Health Care Professionals

Frequently Asked Flu Questions 2018-2019 Influenza Season

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