Connecting a Fragmented Home Health

Home health is an amazing sector of healthcare.  Not only do patients receive care in their home, keeping in-home barriers and support systems in mind, but they are also treated by clinicians who live in their community and share their values.  This presents a very real problem, however.  What happens when those community agencies do not have the therapists to meet their patients needs?  This is where Lifespan comes in.

Lifespan is a network with the sole aim of connecting qualified clinicians with the agencies who make this industry so special.  Agencies who join the Lifespan network can expect licensed, caring, and skilled clinicians who speak a variety of languages and have diverse backgrounds.  Disciplines include:

  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Medical Social Workers

Serving San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles, and Ventura county, Lifespan ensures all agencies within the network have a reliable solution for clinician sourcing.  

Simplifying the Process

Lifespan has been providing dedicated Home Health therapy since 2008, meaning we’ve had time to refine our process and continually improve, using feedback from clinicians and agencies alike.  Clinicians within the network will find that it’s simple to accept nearby patients using Lifespan’s proprietary app, while agencies need only send a text or an Email to start the process.

Informing and Consulting

Because Lifespan is dedicated to clinicians and home health agencies, you can be sure that we live and breathe this industry.  Lifespan stays up to date on all emerging news, changing practices, and regulations to ensure we are more than a referral agency — we’re a network.  Ask us questions, rely on us to tell you if something doesn’t make sense, and know that you can depend upon us.  Joining the Lifespan network is joining a family.

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